The two large, high secure data centers (Swiss Fort Knox®) inside the Swiss Alps are being operated by the company SIAG. The operation and its surveillance of the physical as well as logical infrastructure is coordinated by two security operation centers (SOC). SIAG’s headquarters is located in Zug, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1994.

SIAG is a globally recognized specialist for the management and the reliable and high secure safekeeping and exchange of digital information during its entire life cycle. Experienced and professionally trained security experts advice the customer from the risk identification all the way to an efficient and effective risk minimization.

Quality as well as an efficient and cost optimized overall solution of IT security problems represents the backbone of our service offering. SIAG does care for its demanding customer base all around the globe. SIAG solutions are always internationally applicable and ideally customized to match the specific demand of the customer. Our specialists are monitoring the predefined security objectives from the customer site all the way to the parallel datasets inside the high secure Swiss Fort Knox®.

Only technologies matching up uncompromisingly with strict criterias of SIAG will be used for these innovative security services.

Christoph Oschwald
Delegate of the board, CEO
Founder and owner
Hanspeter Baumann
President of the board
Founder and owner