Affiliated companies and their offerings
MOUNT10 – Swiss Fort Knox® security for every IT user

· Fully automated data backup
· Daily via the Internet
· Secure, external vaulting
· Location-independent
· Central management
· Detailed data history
· Easy, modular & compatible

SIAG – the Swiss Private Bank for digital assets

The company SIAG is since 1994 a specialized provider of custom made solutions for the protection of especially crucial information. International customers with highest security demands profit from the experience, the infrastructure and the well experienced staff. SIAG is offering the following services to its customers:
· Consulting and projects for the protection of highly valuable information
· Implementation of custom-made protection systems
· High secure housing for individual servers and entire backup data centers
· Own service platform for e-collaboration with highest security

SISPACE – Leading records management specialist of Switzerland

· Data Protection (revision proof process for the secure, external vaulting
· of backup medias) inside Swiss Fort Knox®
· Vital Record Archiving (safekeeping of valuable documents) inside Swiss Fort Knox®
· Records Management consulting
· Records Management processes, indexing and software
· Records Management services with centers in BL, BS and ZH